Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cheers to the Weekend

This is an ode to the perfect weekend I just spent - Went to Whakappa and then returned via Wiatomo Caves. Ski Fields and Black Waterrafting were the highlights of the trip.

Cheers to All of you for the planning and conception of the trip
Cheers to Irshad and Reema for picking me up - so that I didnt have to walk with my blanket and luggage
Cheers to Soni aunty for her mandarins/passion fruit/orange
Cheers to Mahak and Anupam for the double rainbows sighting
Cheers to Anupam for the awesome accommodation booking
Cheers to the Bandi for giving us such a nice house
Cheers to Mother Nature for that beautiful snowfall
Cheers to Irshad and Anupam for keeping the fire burning
Cheers to Reema and Mehak for the awesome dinner
Cheers to Soni Aunty for the awesome coffee
Cheers to all of us for the lively night chat
Cheers to Anupam for his care for Mahak - and the entertainment provided by it ;)
Cheers to Anupam for drying all shoes socks and jeans
Cheers to Reema, Irshad and myself for that thoughtful night chat
Cheers to me whose original idea of sleeping by the fire was so successful
Cheers to the sunrise which I never saw ;)
Cheers to Soni Aunty and Reema's mom for the awesome Aloo Pranthas
Cheers to the Vodka Cruiser for it's vital contribution to the Pranthas
Cheers to me for booking Wiatomo despite all odds
Cheers to everyone for all teh fun we had on the snow
Cheers to Irshad mahak and Reema for conquering Mt. Abhimanyu
Cheers to me and Reema for the Maggi lunch
Cheers to Wiatomo for the awesome black water rafting
Cheers to Irshad for helping us with those wet suits
Cheers to Cha(Wiatomo guide) who would probably never forget our group
Cheers to the Hot Tomato Soup and Bagels
Cheers to Irshad and Reema for the wonderful music
Cheers to Mahak for being the DJ
Cheers to Anupam for his awesome driving
Cheers to Anupam for his role as the Camp supervisor
Cheers to me and Reema for the cold wave blasts we gave in the car from time to time
Cheers to me and Mahak for the chattering

Cheers to all for being such a wonderful group and for having these great moments together.


  1. kya yaar... u r very sticky to ideas.. i am following ur blog but i think there is no need to follow.. you always seem to carry forward the same idea of cheering up and cheering up...

    plz think something new! ur blog is making me sick.

  2. Dude..I second ill eagle....if u make the ill eagle sick...he'll be sick eagle then...khair...haan be..give us something new....there are people reading ur posts out here...

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