Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letting Go ...

To Let Go .. loose and free !

I have been meaning to write something on this very tough emotion but was unable to bring myself to it .. until today.

Something you need badly, someone you care for or love deeply, some times you miss ..but you need to LET IT GO.

In most cases, I've always been confused about this decision. The confusion steps from 2 very famous sayings:

1: If you really want something, go after it. It should be the only thing that you can see.
2: If you really love someone/something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours else it never was.

But I'm learning, slowly yet steadily...

The way to live life is to march forward - if it wants to go, it's ITS LOSS.


  1. kab tak rootheygi cheekheye chillaygee
    dil kehta hai ik din haseena maan jayegi!

    don't listen to hindi filums!

    but seriously: here's a quote that helps:
    "In time, one of the two things will happen:
    either she'll realise you're worth it, or you'll realise she is't."

    Be happy~!

  2. @Tinker Bell

    What makes you think that this blog relates to a girl ... ???

    Single track mind .. guys and gals .. there is more to life than relationships.

  3. hmmm.. but the quotes tinker bell mentioned can as well be applied to all that is 'more to life than relationships'.. :P

    You're right, letting go is difficult, but I feel, the hardest part is 'deciding' to let go..

  4. I heard a speech titled: 'Let Go' and it gave a beautiful analogy: you hold the sand in your fist tight and it slithers away; but when you open your hand - it stays...

    (Not directly related to what you are saying by a tangential point on the same topic!)